Carrie Underwood! A country pop artist from Checotah, Oklahoma who won American Idol in 2009.

Some charitys she supports:

  • Created C.A.T.S foundation as means of giving back to her community.
  • supporter of the Humane Society of the United States
  • Has done Several public service announcements for organizations
  • Supports PETA

The reason why i chose Carrie Underwood is because she is a strong willed woman, great singer and went from a small town girl to a big time country celebrity.

“Everybody has the power to do something, to be a contributing force,” she says, “and I would rather people look back on my life and say, ‘She made the world a better place.’ We can all do things like that, and I believe that when opportunities arise for you to do good, you should do good.” -carrie underwood

Little Fact: She recently performed at the Nordstroms Symphony Fashion Show, which also featured an exclusive presentation of Oscar de la Renta’s pre-fall 2012 collection. She is also involved within the fashion industry. 
Wet Seal

Wet Seal

H & M

H & M

Forever 21

Forever 21

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Lace is at it’s peak!


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